Meet our Alumni

Meet our Alumni

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    I founded FCRC with several other members under the instruction of Professor Dosoung Choi 20 years ago.

    First of all, I am very proud of having over 300 members working at global financial institutions,

    global firms and even establishing their own business firms.

    At first, only few members could debate the case material in English during sessions,

    but all members made every effort to increase their capabilities of English and of understanding real world business cases.

    As a part of such effort, we attended the “Case Writing Conference”

    held by the National University of Singapore to develop our case-writing skills as well as to become familiar  with global minds.

    Also, we sent our trained members to Global Business Competitions held by Washington University, 

    in which they won the first prize. With such effort, FCRC has been growing as one of the global clubs whose members

    are contributing to build the foundation of our dream

    in the next generation and making Korea the strongest financial hub in Asia.

    I believe FCRC has become not only a famed academic club for case studies, but also for the great community cultivating

    financial professionals contributing to the capital world.

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    • Lee, Junho
    • Business 2005
    • President, 20th Class
    • World Bank, Group MIRA

    If you are speculating to learn finance in depth-at a deeper level than in undergraduate

    courses-this club would be a great choice. With its standardized curriculum and real-world case studies, 

    what you will learn in FCRC is not only practical but also irreplaceable.  

    Some people may hesitate to apply due to their lack of English fluency or financial knowledge, as I did 10 years ago.

    Please don’t.  Language skill or knowledge may be a necessary requirement for getting a job,

    but it is not a prerequisite for joining FCRC.

    The only prerequisite for joining FCRC is a passion for studying finance together.

    Sharing the same passion and commitment with great people is a pleasant and irreplaceable experience.

    I hope you also can have such an experience in FCRC as I did before.

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    FCRC has taught me not only basic knowledge in finance, which has been a useful asset in getting into law school 

    and applying for law firm internships, but also research and communication skills,

    which are said to be some of the essential qualities of a good lawyer.

    Furthermore, the many late-night hours spent working with fellow

    FCRC members have taught me the persistence needed to withstand the heavy workload at law school.

    I will always be grateful to FCRC for giving me such wonderful memories.

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    I learned from FCRC how to articulate with reasoning, 

    shape my passion and thrive in competition with lifelong friends. 

    These skill sets that I have acquired through FCRC continues to help me even after graduation

    Thus, I can assure you that making the decision to become a part of FCRC was one of the best decisions that 

    I have made as an undergraduate student at SNU. 

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    • Jeen, Daeho
    • Economics 2007
    • Vice President, 26th Class
    • J.P. Morgan Seoul

    The people I have met and the knowledge gained via FCRC are some of the most important assets that

    I have gained during my undergraduate years.

    Through FCRC, I not only learned a wide  spectrum of knowledge in the field of corporate finance, but also was

    provided the opportunity to meet with alumni working in various multinational investment banks.

    Additionally, by working on mock real-world projects, I learned how to take responsibility to finish a project from

    beginning to end as a team. Above all, the habit of utilizing every possible resource to produce an outcome is another

    essential skill set that I am thankful to have developed as an FCRCer.

    I hope that you too, will be able to expand your boundaries of passion, develop priceless relationships 

    with other members and experience great things as a member of FCRC. 

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    “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” This is one of the most famous Steve Jobs quotes

    but where I truly learned this lesson was through the activity at FCRC.

    It gave me the precious opportunity to meet amazing, sincere and passionate people and also taught me how exciting

    and dynamic the real business world can be. Although I am now not belong to the finance field, the experience and the

    knowledge that I obtained from FCRC have been so much of inspiration for my life.